International Trust Benefits


The International Trust Act, 2007, (the “Act”) provides for the registration of international trusts which cater for a range of functions including asset protection and estate planning purposes.  An international trust may also be established for charitable or non-charitable purposes or for both, or for no purpose, other than for the benefit of a settlor or a beneficiary or both.  A purpose may be regarded as charitable whether it is to be carried out in Antigua and Barbuda or elsewhere.


An international trust registered under the Act may exist with no beneficiaries, provided that it is established for a clear and specific purpose in accordance with the trust deed of settlement. 


An international trust registered in Antigua and Barbuda has the right to hold title, rights or other interests in and to property in its own name or through a nominee in the same manner and with the same rights and obligations as any person under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.  Additionally, an international trust may, subject to approval of the Government, hold title to real property in Antigua and Barbuda and hold equity interests in companies or other entities incorporated or registered in Antigua and Barbuda.


An Antigua International Trust may be administered by a minimum of one or a maximum of four functioning trustees at any time. At least one trustee should be domiciled in Antigua and Barbuda.