The formation of an IBC can be carried out by a local resident agent, such as an accountant, attorney or trust company. Formation can be achieved in as little as 24 hours and involves the following:

  1. The resident agent must submit a request for a name approval . The name should reflect the corporate purpose of the company.
  2. Once the request is approved, a copy of the approval is faxed to the resident agent .
  3. The resident agent must then submit the following documents in triplicate:
    • Articles of Incorporation which must include the following:
      1. The approved name of the proposed corporation;
      2. particulars on the registered office and resident agent;
      3. The authorized number of shares (at least 1).
      4. The number of directors (at least 1).
      5. Arestriction to corporate purpose clause, and
      6. The signatures of two incorporators one of whom must be a practicing attorney in Antigua and Barbuda .
    • Application for International Business Charter which must be consistent with the Articles of Incorporation.
    • tice of change of registered office/agent
    • Notice of Directors
    • By-laws (optional).
  4. A Certificate of Incorporation is issued.