The Financial Services Regulatory Commission (“the Commission”) recognises that for a small group of people, gaming may be a problem adversely affecting their personal lives and the lives of those closest to them. What is for the vast majority of participants an enjoyable leisure, social activity can for a small percentage of the population become a problematic behaviour. Similarly, shopping, the consumption of alcohol, eating, and physical exercise are a few examples of otherwise normal activities if unmanaged, abused or used as a mechanism to escape everyday problems and inner conflicts can become a problematic activity. We at the Commission believe that we have a responsibility to consumers of gaming services provided by our licencees and to the global industry by being key participants in the promotion of responsible gaming to ensure the delivery of gaming services in a socially responsible environment. We are very cognizant that we licence and regulate a service which is not always viewed favourably. With this in mind our social responsibility commitment is underpinned by four main objectives:

To Strengthen the industry’s commitment to responsible gaming and social responsibility To Enhance the capacity for operators to conduct business in a manner which promotes responsible gaming and the jurisdictions social responsibility commitment objectives To Protect consumers gaming with a site licenced in our jurisdiction that they are gaming with an operator who adheres to our regulatory and licensing objectives and Accountability, operators will be held accountable to incorporate industry best practices with respect to responsible gaming and the delivery of gaming services in socially responsible environment. The Commission and the Antigua Online Gaming Association (AOGA) are committed, and will collectively embark on a national, industry-wide initiative to address social responsibility issues confronting the industry and to ensure that the Commission’s key objectives are adopted to achieve full observance of our polices; to ensure the delivery of gaming services in a socially responsible environment. In support of this, there will be the establishment of a ‘Gaming Addiction Research and Education Fund’. The Antiguan remote gaming industry and the Commission will assist in educating the public on the risks associated with online gaming, increasing social awareness, particularly with minors, as well as providing resources for the treatment of problem gambling. The Commission is united with the AOGA on the importance of these measures. We will not only continue to meet, and in most cases exceed international standards of best practice, but more importantly work collaboratively with e-gaming jurisdictions globally towards preserving and safeguarding the health and welfare of on-line players worldwide.